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A season walking southbound on the Appalachian Trail

Running in Laramie

Since April 2010, I’ve moved to a new living situation every three to nine months (not including the multi-week backpacking trips on the AT and the Long Trail). One of the first things I do in my new temporary city is establish my running route. It helps me adjust to the time zone, learn about my neighborhood and banish travel fatigue. Through every transition, I’ve managed to maintain my schedule.

Running at least four times a week for an hour (more if I’m training for a race) has been part of my life for years and is essential to my mental – and, of course, physical – health. Wanting to run is instinctive for me. When I see other people running, even if I’ve already run that day, my automatic response is: I wanna run!

On those mornings, I wake up excited to get out the door. That is when my energy is best, and for the rest of the day I feel the contentment of post-run bliss.

On a visit to Laramie with KRC, months before I knew I’d be living here, she introduced me to the Laramie River Greenbelt, a 6-mile path that follows the local section of the 280-mile river. The greenbelt is located on the west side of town and is protected from roads and the hazards and annoyances that go with them. Once I moved here, I knew this would be part of my route.

Garfield St. Footbridge.

Garfield St. Footbridge.

05-Wyoming 006

To access the greenbelt, I run a few blocks west from my apartment through the old downtown, cross the footbridge over the rail yard and go three more blocks through another neighborhood. Then I can choose to go north along the path for a few miles to the terminus, turn right on the road bordering the north end of town and make a big loop back to my street. Or I can go south and stay on the path much longer, following it to the loop at that end. To make this long enough, I run the loop twice before returning. Although I haven’t clocked this distance yet, I usually maintain just under an 8-minute mile for an hour run.

Along the Laramie River Greenbelt.

Along the Laramie River Greenbelt.

This is my favorite direction since I’m on the path much longer and don’t have to deal with street crossings except downtown. It’s straightforward with few options to make it more challenging. The path is paved and there are no hills except for the up and down of the rail yard footbridge. But I love the easy access to the unimpeded trail. I also love the open views of the plains, and on clear mornings I can see the Medicine Bow Mountains on the horizon to the southwest. (These photos were taken while I was on a late afternoon walk last week.)

13-Wyoming 02117-Wyoming 02820-Wyoming 031

The local running club is the High Plains Harriers. I’ve never been part of a running club but I’m thinking about this one. They sponsor several races a year and it would be a good way to learn about other local trails with knowledgeable people.

It’s been over a year since I ran a half-marathon (my favorite distance), which was the Crossroads HM in Ft. Collins, and I’m planning to register for the Medicine Bow Half-Marathon that takes place at the end of May. I’ll be logging a lot more miles on this path in the coming weeks.

16-Wyoming 024


8 responses to “Running in Laramie

  1. Uncle Dan March 9, 2014 at 12:39 pm

    I know/remember that feeling all too well. Sure wish I could still do it. I am envious………………..

    • Robyn March 9, 2014 at 1:32 pm

      I remember when you ran a lot. I think you could still run. A short walk today… a little more tomorrow… a little more the next day… later on… a short run interspersed with walking… the next day a little longer run… eventually the running is more than the walking… :)

  2. blaq March 8, 2014 at 10:38 pm

    Looks like some awesome routes! (And you won’t have to wait TOO long for spring, either…)

  3. Jan March 8, 2014 at 8:08 pm

    Let me know if the Harriers are drinkers who like to run, instead of runners who like to drink. There was a group in Santa Fe who had Harriers in their name. Looks like a nice place, flat though. :-)

    • Robyn March 8, 2014 at 8:16 pm

      Doesn’t seem to be from what I can tell. Just a fun running club. I found out too late they met for coffee this morning before a run then were going to get breakfast afterward! R

  4. Angela March 8, 2014 at 8:04 pm


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