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Indian Food on Sushi Tuesday

Sushi Tuesday in Irumashi” continues and last week we managed to fulfill all the criteria – it was Tuesday, we had sushi (and other things) and we were in Irumashi. But this time we had a special guest with us: we brought along our Program Coordinator. She’s a super busy person but made time at the end of her long day, and before her commute home, to join us for our weekly tradition.

The Sayamadai Campus Team.

We went to a different izakaya in Irumashi (next door to our first one) and ordered a few favorites and some new dishes.

Gyoza, bacon rolls, shrimp, edamame, sashimi, sushi and salmon.

An izakaya is dark and cozy. The table and benches are set low and shoes are removed at the door. It’s a perfect setting for hanging out with friends.

The table across from us.

At this izakaya, we ordered from the touchscreen at the table. Everything was so good and we had a great time socializing and visiting a new place.


Later in the week, I walked down a tiny side street near our station in Nishi-Tokorozawa on my way to the grocery store. I was so excited to pass by a sweet little (many things must be described as small in Japan) Indian restaurant.

Nepali/Indian cuisine in the backstreets of a Japanese suburb.

This became our destination for Sushi Tuesday for this week. No sushi and not Irumashi, but it was Tuesday!

The waiter and the cook were the only staff people there, and we had a fantastic meal made fresh while we waited. The menu was in Japanese and English (with pictures) and ordering was easy. Neither men spoke English fluently, but our cook knew enough for short conversations. He said he was from Nepal and had been in Japan for four years. Both men were so kind and gracious. We didn’t learn anything about the waiter, but we’ll definitely be going back, so hopefully we’ll find out more about him later.

Our cook and waiter.

Comfort food on a cold, rainy night.

We’ve spotted several other places we want to try for future Tuesdays. A few are on the same street as our new favorite Indian restaurant; another is across from the train station in Tokorozawa. All will see our faces before the end of the year.

Going home.


4 responses to “Indian Food on Sushi Tuesday

  1. Tracy Willis October 28, 2012 at 10:14 pm

    What a beautiful life you’re living! So happy for you! oxo

  2. Mom October 25, 2012 at 7:07 am

    My goodness, you are really cranking out the blog posts! The food looks fabulous and definitely my kind of eating. Like Chris says, “Yum.”

  3. Uncle Dan October 25, 2012 at 1:51 am

    None of the photos opened on this and the previous post. I get to see them on FB tho.

  4. Christine Walderhaug October 24, 2012 at 10:55 pm

    Yum!! So glad to know you’re keeping youself well-fed – the food looks great and restaurants so fun! Thanks for sharing :) c

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