This Open Road

A season walking southbound on the Appalachian Trail

Just Another Way To Be In The World

I’m so inspired when I find other people who are living unconventional lives. Many heed a different calling than the one that is reinforced by society. They’re living life in a way that aligns with their unique values and passions. As I’ve explored my own path(s), I’ve come across blogs written by others who have followed their hearts down roads less traveled. These are a few of my favorites:

(click on these links to read more about their lives):

Family On Bikes – Lifelong cyclists and international teachers, the Vogels loaded two bicycles and took off with their young twin boys, embarking on a 3-year, 17,300-mile journey from Alaska to Argentina. Their blog chronicles their journey and also encourages others to pursue their dreams. Inspirational post: Top Fears To Hold You Back From Pursuing Your Passion

The Path Less Pedaled – Another cycling couple and bicycle advocates, Laura and Russ have been living on the road for three years now, documenting their two- (actually, four-) wheeled life. They traveled around the U.S. for the first couple of years, then took their bikes to New Zealand. Inspirational post: You’re Doing It Wrong

Journey Mama – Rae, her “Superstar Husband” and their four children have lived all over Asia, and most recently India. She makes a bus trip with her kids through the mountains of Nepal sound like a minivan trip to McDonald’s. She’s also a photographer and published author. Inspirational post: Where We’ve Been

Traveled Earth – documents the travels of Mike and Ashley Lanzen, a couple who began traveling in July of 2011 with no end date planned! Inspirational post: their “Rough Itinerary“!

Legal Nomads – Jodi is former lawyer who traded in her briefcase for a backpack to become a nomad, exploring cultures and cuisine. She’s been traveling since April 1, 2008. Her photography is amazing! Inspirational post: Why I Quit My Job To Travel Around the World

Bohemian Trails – Megan is an intrepid traveler who writes about her own experiences and keeps track of many other travel blogs. There is no end to travel inspiration at BT as well as the many links collected on this site: More Travel Blogs Here


These blogs remind me that I’m not the only one who hears a different drummer. There are thousands of people going through life in a variety of ways, widening their world view and shedding their expectations. I’m constantly impatient to begin the next goal – to embrace the beauty and cultures that I have yet to see. One lifetime may not be enough.


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